The Quality Living Options Videos

Filming for our first series of videos started with a forum with members discussing their situation and the concerns they have for the future. We can now provide a link to our films - available on Youtube - through this link:

 Helen tells the story of her life with Susie and her hopes for the future and Joan tells her story of her concerns for her son David. Jean speaks about her concern for her son John. To accentuate the urgency of the need for appropriate housing for our adults, since these videos were made early in 2015, health problems intervened and Joan has had to go into aged care and a place was found for David in supported accommodation. At 95 Jean died and John is now being cared for at home by his sister Jane. It takes an emergency like these before assistance is found.

In the half hour Forum ex Channel nine newsreader David Johston interviews several of our parents and they talk honestly about their lives with their adults and their concerns about the future.

Note: We are now preparing to update this part of our public voice in a new video which will teel the story of our new exciting venture.