Our Concerns

Published: 2017-07-25
Author: Noela Foreman

The biggest fear of many ageing parents of disabled adults is that serious health problems could overcome them at any time - problems that could have been averted had appropriate care and support been available to relieve their burden. All over the state and particularly in Bendigo - many parents are losing sleep, worrying about what will happen to their sons and daughters when they are no longer able to care for them. After years of caring it is tragic - not only to expect elderly people to continue to care for others when they need help themselves - but it places their children in a very vulnerable position. The funding shortfall in disability housing means that parents are forced into the position of almost begging for help, begging for answers to the future accommodation and ongoing care of their kids so they can relax in the knowledge that support is available to them all. QLO aim to build our own answer to the problem, a community where our kids can be supported and grow to be active members of the wider community in which they live. We urgently need to aquire land on which to establish a footprint for a better more secure life for our kids. Many of our parents have been unable to consistently work and develop a career due to their continuing committment to their needy adult children. All donations and offers of assistance can be organised through this website - on the 'How You Can Help Us' or contact us through the 'Contacts' page.