Presidents Annual Report:

2018 was a quieter year. Members spent some time investigated the implications of the NDIS Special Disability Accommodation funding – how it could affect their plans for the future security of their children and the means to begin the application process.  Although several of our members are pursuing this quest - over time we have found it a complex and complicated process and have begun to also research other means of finding the path to the place to call home that we hope to find for the future care of our adults.

In February 2019 it is now seven years since we first came together, meeting regularly, sharing our hopes for the future and working toward our goal of appropriate accommodation for our family members.  Due to the personal commitments of members, fundraising was rather low key last year – but is continuing quietly. Our bi-annual family dinner was held at the Bendigo Club this month and our annual Plant Sale held early next month. Both of these events brings members together to share and once again renew our commitment toward our goal for a safe future for our kids and to expand the essential funds we will need to achieve our aims.

The passing of time has revealed difficulties with our joint project with the Uniting Church congregation at Marong, but support from them is ongoing and we are all optimistic that we will find a way to combine our ambitions for the future. The architectural firm A-plus architecture have supported us with plans for a site to include courtyards and a community hub where everyone can share learning and leisure events to the enjoyment of all.  Currently these plans are on hold but we hope they will be revisited again in the near future.

We have been approached by several non-profit organisations building accommodation in Bendigo – but the requirement for our adults to be eligible for the NDIS SDA has been a stumbling block for involvement in their plans. Alternatives are being explored and we are sure creative solutions will result.

Thank you to all our members and supporters for their support over the past year, which has been a difficult and challenging one for many of us - and to all who have contributed to the wellbeing of the group. We continue to believe we will find the answers we need!

Thank you all!

Noela Foreman

President 2017 -18